Background & History

The Indo British Health Initiative is registered as a Foundation and its aim is to promote scientific collaboration between Health Care Personnel in the United Kingdom and India. For several decades Indian Doctors and other health personnel have been to England for training and even now a large number of Indians are working in hospitals in the United Kingdom in various capacities. In view of this historic bond between the United Kingdom and India we decided that there can be continuing collaboration and sharing of technology in this field in the years to come. To channel this we thought of forming this foundation.

Historical Fact

It is a historical fact that Indian doctors went to the United Kingdom for higher training, specialization and to obtain qualifications. Indian Healthcare today is a buzz with hospitals, most of them private and mainly serving the urban population with world class facilities.

The medical care across the entire UK is consistent and of a minimum standard. The care givers are compassionate and carry out their work without prejudice. The training of nurses, physiotherapists and support staff is taken seriously and is of as high an order as the doctor’s training. Further, there is no doubt that the country with the maximum innovations in technology, medical or otherwise, is the United Kingdom.

Several healthcare related products which change lives are imported, expensive and out of reach of the common man. We would like to see the development of more locally produced high quality medical products that are tailor made for our population.

Need of the hour

Considering all these factors, We proposed at a November 2011 meeting at the House of Lords in London that we should start an Indo British Health Initiative (IBHI). This would bring together health professionals in India and UK to work together, co-operate and form a lasting and beneficial relationship.

We already have common ground as a lot of our doctors have UK training. The spirit of innovation from our UK counterparts would aid us in developing products suited to the Indian population. Further, exchange programs for all staff would see this consistent minimum standard of healthcare that the UK takes for granted permeate every medical institution in even the small villages from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Statistics indicate that over 60% of India’s doctors and nurses are from South India. Therefore, the proposal was to headquarter the IBHI at Chennai, India. Dr Prithvi Mohandas would be the founder and secretary. Mr. Mike Nithavrianakis, Deputy High Commissioner UK for South India would be the Ex Officio President and world famous surgeon Dr Sarah Muirhead-Allwood would be the first Vice President.

Launch of the Indo-British Health Initiative
The IBHI was formally launched at the British Deputy High Commission, Cottingley, Chennai, India on 13 December 2011.

Mr. Mike Nithavrianakis (Deputy High Commissioner UK for South India & Ex Officio President - IBHI) speech during the IBHI Inaugural function.
Dr. Prithvi Mohandas (Founder and Secretary - IBHI) speech during the IBHI Inaugural function.
The first symposium was held on 14 and 15 Januray 2012 (on upper and lower limb joint replacement surgery) to celebrate the greatest British Medical Innovation of the 20th Century by Sir John Charnley.
Four such events will be held yearly, two in UK and two in India. Scholarships and prizes will be awarded to young Indian and British Health professionals to encourage training, innovation and the transfer of knowledge.

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas
Founder & Secretary – IBHI