About IBHI

The aim of “Indo-British Health Initiative” (IBHI) is to promote innovations in technology in the field of medicine between India and the UK, promote fellowships in UK and India and unite the IBHI members in both India and UK. There are a number of synergies that exist between the British and Indian health professions, and many partnerships are being developed between institutions and organisations in these two countries. These are often of an informal nature, but with the potential to expand significantly.
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Recent Conference

Indo-UK Oncology Summit

Indo-UK Oncology Summit is a combined initiative between the Indo British Health Initiative (IBHI) and the Christie Oncology Hospital Manchester. This biggest ever Indo-UK Oncology Summit was organised between the 15th and 16th of December 2017 in Chennai, India.
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IBHI Membership

All Medical professionals can become a member of IBHI. Those who wish to become an IBHI member are requested to send their CV, references and their area of specialization and their goals to IBHI either by post or email.You can also subscribe online.
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