About IBHI

Indo-British Health Initiative

The aim of “Indo-British Health Initiative” (IBHI) is to promote innovations in technology in the field of medicine between India and the UK, promote fellowships in UK and India and unite the IBHI members in both India and UK.

There are a number of synergies that exist between the British and Indian health professions, and many partnerships are being developed between institutions and organisations in these two countries. These are often of an informal nature, but with the potential to expand significantly.

Today, the success of many multi and single specialty Indian hospitals shows how fast-changing and dynamic is the Indian health sector has become. There is undoubtedly enormous potential for (more) Indian healthcare providers to join forces with UK medical universities and institutions, and companies involved in hospital design and medical equipment/devices, in a market where the sector is growing at 15% per annum.

Despite the excellent level of collaborative partnerships that exist, however, there is an immense untapped potential to do more to cement further existing relationships and create the conditions to identify new ones.

The Indo-British Health Initiative will bridge this gap by bringing closer together the two communities, co-ordinate in a more structured way the partnerships that already exist and discuss new areas of collaborations, whether in the sphere of scientific discussion, new technologies or commercial opportunities.