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21st Apr 2012

The second IBHI event this year – GIBHICON 2012 showcased the best of talent in the UK and India in the fields of Gastroenterology, GI surgery, GI endoscopy, Hepatology, Liver Transplantation and Bariatric surgery. Luminaries in these fields from both countries were present for this two day conference on April 21 and 22, 2012 at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai. The seminar witnessed state-of-the-art lectures, clinical presentations, case studies and lively discussions.

The “Young Masters hour for Innovation and Excellence” an award for young innovators was awarded to a young expert who presented the new idea. Also a press meet was organized at MIOT Hospitals on 20th April 2012 on behalf of this international conference and to celebrate the setting up of the MIOT Liver Transplantation programme.




British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai President, IBHI Founder & Secretary IBHI

Organising Secretary

Director, MIOT Advanced Center for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, MIOT Hospitals, Chennai Organising Secretary, GIBHICON

Scientific Committee
S.C.Samal, V.Jayanthi

Organising Committee
Ajit Pai, Arulprakash S, Arun Kumar S, Balaji N.S, Balasubramanian V, Chandrasekhar T S, Dinesh Jothimani, Geetha S Kumar, George M Chandy, Hariharan M, Jayanthi V, Jeevan Kumar S, Malathi, Malini, Manoj Kumar Sahu, Mohammed Ali, Mohan A T, Murugan N, Palaniswami K R, Prithvi Mohandas, Raghavan M, Samal S C, SankaraNarayanan V S, Venky Munikrishnan.

To foster Indo British relationships and encourage trade between India and Great Britain. To work together, understand each others’ strengths and encourage greater co-operation in the healthcare sector. To showcase the best of talent in the UK and India in the fields of Gastroenterology, GI surgery, GI endoscopy, Hepatology, Liver Transplantation and Bariatric surgery.

Key Features
State-of-the-art lectures, clinical presentations, case studies and lively discussions.

Young Masters’ Hour for innovation and Excellence for those under the age of 40 with original ideas. The best presenter will win a cash award, a plaque and a 6- week fellowship in a state-of-the-art GI centre in the country.

International Faculty

Dr. Bruno Daniel Italy Dr. Gareth Greenslade UK
Dr. Chris Probert UK Dr. Rajiv Jalan UK
Dr. Duff M Bruce Scotland Dr. Shajan Peter U.S.A
Dr. Elwyn Elias UK Mr. Anthony Dixon UK

National Faculty

Dr. Amit Maydeo Mumbai Dr. Palaniappan S Chennai
Dr. Amol Bapaye Pune Dr. Palanisami K R Chennai
Dr. Anil Arora Delhi Dr. Philip Augustine Cochin
Dr. Ashok Chacko Vellore Dr. Pramesh C S Mumbai
Dr. Balasubramaniyan V Chennai Dr. Premkumar K Chennai
Dr. Banumathi Ramakrishna Vellore Dr. Pugazhendi T Chennai
Dr. Chandramohan Chennai Dr. Raghuram K Chennai
Dr. Chandrasekar T S Chennai Dr. Rajanikanth S Chennai
Dr. Col. Krishnan S Chennai Dr. Rajesh Puri Delhi
Dr. Dinakaran N Chennai Dr. Rajesh Sainani Mumbai
Dr. Eapen C E Vellore Dr. Ramakrishna B S Vellore
Dr. Ganesh Pai Manipal Dr. Randhir Sud Delhi
Dr. George Kurien Pondicherry Dr. Rangabashyam N Chennai
Dr. Hariharan M Chennai Dr. Rao G V Hyderabad
Dr. Harsh Kapoor Delhi Dr. Rao P N Hyderabad
Dr. Hema Vijayalakshmi Chennai Dr. Roy Mukkada Cochin
Dr. Iqbal Trivandrum Dr. Rupa Banerjee Hyderabad
Dr. Jayanthi V Chennai Dr. Sandeep Bhargawa Delhi
Dr. Jeevan Kumar S Chennai Dr. Sankaranarayanan V S Chennai
Dr. Jeyamoni Vellore Dr. Sarojini A Chennai
Dr. Joseph A J Vellore Dr. Sethu Babu Hyderabad
Dr. Joy Varghese Chennai Dr. Shahesta Mehta Mumbai>
Dr. Malathi Sathyasekaran Chennai Dr. Shanthi Vijayaraghavan Chennai
Dr. Malay Sharma Meerut Dr. Shiv K Sarin Delhi
Dr. Manu Tandon Hyderabad Dr. Sukriya Naik Vellore
Dr. Mark Ranjan Jesudasan Vellore Dr. Surendran R Chennai
Dr. Mohammed Ali Chennai Dr. Thayumanavan L Madurai
Dr. Mohan A T Chennai Dr. Thomas Alexander Pondicherry
Dr. Mohan Prasad V G Coimbatore Dr. Usha Srinivas Chennai
Dr. Murali Krishna Vizag Dr. Varghese Thomas Calicut
Dr. Murugan N Chennai Dr. Venkatakrishnan L Coimbatore
Dr. Neeraj Saraf Delhi Dr. Venkateswaran A R Chennai
Dr. Padmanabhan Vellore


Viral Hepatitis

  • The HCV cycle; achievement and challenges.
  • HBV in pregnancy; Treat the child, the mother or both?
  • The options in HBV therapy; when, what and how long?
  • Monitor, recognize and treat; Drug resistance in Hep B therapy.

Portal Hypertension

  • Newer insights, mechanisms and pathogenesis of portal hypertension.

Liver Transplantation

  • Adult liver transplantation: Recent advances, where do we stand in 2012.
  • Post Liver Transplant allograft dysfunction – an approach to a patient.
  • Management issues; post liver transplant Hep-B and Hep-C.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma: Treatment options.

Pediatrics Hepatology

  • Wilson’s disease in children: An update.


  • Intraductal endoscopy : an expanding horizon.
  • RFA and endocytoscopy: Their role in diagnosis and management of Barrett’s oesophagus.
  • Capsule endoscopy in crohn’s disease: do we need it?
  • What is new in endoscopy?
  • Current trends in the management of esophageal cancer: Indian perspective.
  • Non-obstructive dysphagia: Protocol based approach.

UGI, Colorectal and Bariatric Surgery

  • Lap training in GI surgery.
  • Lap colorectal surgery; SILS and Robotics.
  • Fast Track programme after GI surgery.
  • Recent trends in Bariatric and Metabolic surgery.

State-of-the-art Lectures

  • Liver failure: from pathophysiology to innovative approaches in management.

Acute Pancreatitis

  • Guidelines for the detection of the etiologic factor of acute pancreatitis.
  • Basis of therapy in acute pancreatitis.
  • Early endoscopic sphincterotomy in acute pancreatitis: Is it indicated, advisable, not indicated, or contraindicated ? A proposal for clinical practice.

Chronic Pancreatitis And Pancreatic Cancer

  • Etiopathogenesis of chronic pancreatitis: a genetic disease with some precipitating factors?
  • Surgical approaches to Chronic pancreatitis: Technical implications and outcome.
  • Indications and timing of surgery in Chronic Pancreatitis.
  • Endoscopic treatment of pain in chronic pancreatitis: really useful or only feasible.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Management protocol for Severe Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Steroids in Crohn’s disease; Is it obselete?
  • TPMT testing in IBD: Is it essential?
  • Thiopurines: how long should we use them?
  • Leukocytopheresis in IBD: Filtering out the facts.
  • IBD: Intestinal infections; mimics and precipitant of relapse.
  • HBV and HCV: How do they affect management of IBD?