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Elbow Conclave 2019

12th Mar 2019

IBHI, in association with BESS and SESI, conducted an Elbow Conclave 2019 for the first time in India on 12th & 13th March, 2019. More than 300 delegates participated in this conclave held at MIOT International, Chennai. The British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) Patient Care Pathways (Surgical Procedure Guidelines) was released for the first time in India by the British Deputy High Commissioner (Chennai), Mr. Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford. It was an event of many firsts, as IBHI – Elbow Conclave 2019 too is a first-of-its-kind event in our country.

Date & Venue
12th & 13th March, 2019Auditorium, MIOT International, Chennai
First 100 registrants will receive special edition compilation of BESS Shoulder & Elbow Guidelines for best practice, complementary, courtesy to BESS
This academic activity has been awarded 25 credit points under category III by the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and 8 CME credit hours under Category I by the Tamil Nadu Medical Council.


Dear friend / colleague,

It is a great honour and privilege to invite you to Elbow Conclave 2019, a one-of-its-kind meet designed to help throw light on the most neglected joint in general orthopaedic practice. As a conclave of such magnitude taking place for the first time in India, it is bringing together some of the most distinguished minds from the orthopaedic fraternity in the UK and India under one roof.

They include the British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) members led by its President, Mr. Peter Brownson, and our esteemed Shoulder and Elbow Society of India (SESI) members from across the country.

The agenda for this 2-day orthopaedic extravaganza includes invaluable discourses by the masters themselves, along with panel discussions, video presentations, live and re-live surgeries, a hands-on workshop and evidence based guidelines.

We sincerely hope Elbow Conclave 2019, with all its grandeur, turns out to be the most enlightening experience of your professional life.

We look forward to seeing you there.

With warm regards,

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas

Founder and Secretary – IBHI

Dr. Ram Chidambaram

Course Organizer & President – SESI

Event Highlights
  • Symposium
  • Video presentation
  • Evidence based guidelines
  • Hands on workshop
    • Fracture fixation
    • Total elbow replacement
    • Radial head replacement
  • Invited lectures
  • Panel discussion
  • Live & re-live surgery


UK Faculty
Dr. Peter Brownson, President, BESS (UK), The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr. Cormac Kelly, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry
Dr. Mark Simon Falworth, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, Stanmore
Dr. Vijay Bhalaik, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dr. Marcus Bateman, University Hospitals Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust
Dr. Anand Arya, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London
Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr. Joideep Phadnis, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
National Faculty
Dr. Abheek Kar, Kolkata Dr. Mahesh Krishnan, Thrissur
Dr. Abhijeet L Wahegaonkar, Pune Dr. Mahesh Reddy, Bengaluru
Dr. Anil K Bhat, Manipal Dr. Raghuveer Reddy, Hyderabad
Dr. C. Vijay Bose, Chennai Dr. Raju Eswaran, New Delhi
Dr. Clement Joseph, Chennai Dr. Ram Chidambaram, Chennai
Dr. Deepak Bhatia, Mumbai Dr. Ram Prasad J, Chennai
Dr. G. Francis, Chennai Dr. S. Arumugam, Chennai
Dr. Gopinathan P, Calicut Dr. S. Chockalingam, Trichy
Dr. John T John, Kochi Dr. Shreyash Gajjar, Mumbai
Dr. K. N. Subramaniam, Madurai Dr. Sunil Gawaskar, Chennai
Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar, Kochi Dr. Thilak Jepegnanam, Vellore
Dr. Leonard Ponraj, Chennai
Dr. A. Francis Roy, Tirunelveli Dr. Nalli R Gopinath, Chennai
Dr. A. Pandiaselvan, Chennai Dr. P. V. Jayasankar, Chennai
Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Chennai Dr. R. Sivakumar, Madurai
Dr. C. Rex, Coimbatore Dr. Ramakrishnan Subramani, Kollam
Dr. C. Sugavanam, Salem Dr. Ravi Subramaniam, Chennai
Dr. Col Trevor Nair, Chennai Dr. Ravikumar, Chennai
Dr. George Thomas, Chennai Dr. Sajid Hussain, Trivandrum
K. Murali, Chennai Dr. Sathish Devadoss, Madurai
Dr. K. Ramesh Babu, Chennai Dr. Subair Khan, Chennai
Dr. K. Velmurugan, Chennai Dr. V. Singaravadivelu, Chennai
Dr. M. Gulam Mohideen, Thanjavur
DAY 1 – 12th March 2019, Tuesday
07.30 – 08.00 am Registration
08.00 – 09.00 am

Session 1 – Elbow Basics

Chairpersons: Dr. K. Ramesh Babu and Dr. V. Singaravadivelu

10 min Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Elbow Dr. K. N. Subramaniam
20 min How I Examine the Elbow (Live Demo) Dr. Ram Chidambaram
10 min How to Read MRI / CT of the Elbow Dr. G. Francis
10 min Surgical Approaches to the Elbow Dr. S. Chockalingam
10 min Discussion

09.00 – 10.00 am

Session 2 – Elbow Arthroscopy

Chairpersons: Dr. Ravi Subramaniam and Dr. Subair Khan

8 min Elbow Arthroscopy: Set Up & Portals Dr. S. Arumugam
8 min Arthroscopy in Sports Injuries: Current Update Dr. Deepak Bhatia
8 min Arthroscopic Osteocapsular Arthroplasty Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min Arthroscopy in Post-traumatic Stiffness Dr. Anand Arya
8 min Arthroscopy in LB & OCD – Tips and Techniques Dr. Abhijeet L Wahegaonkar
8 min Elbow Arthroscopy: Avoiding the Complications Dr. Vijay Bhalaik
12 min Discussion
10.00 – 10.45 am Inauguration
10.45 – 11.00 am Tea Break
11.00 – 12.00 pm

Live / Re-live Surgery 1

Moderators: Dr. Raju Eswaran, Dr. Leonard Ponraj

Dr. Joideep Phadnis / Dr. Ram Chidambaram
12.00 – 12.10 pm Discussion

12.10 – 01.30 pm

Session 3 – Trauma

Chairpersons: Dr. George Thomas, Dr. A. Francis Roy and Dr. A. Pandiaselvan

8 min Distal Humerus Fracture Fixation – Tips and Techniques Dr. Cormac Kelly
8 min Coronal Shear Fracture Management Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min Radial Head Fracture Fixation: Tips and Techniques Dr. Anand Arya
8 min Radial Head Replacement for Fractures Dr. John T John
8 min How I Manage Neglected Elbow Dislocation Dr. Anil K Bhat
8 min Coronoid Fractures Fixation: When and How? Dr. Ram Chidambaram
8 min Olecranon Fracture: Tips and Tricks Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min Open Release for Post-traumatic Stiffness – Column Approach Dr. Anil K Bhat
26 min


01.30 – 02.00 pm Lunch
02.00 – 03.00 pm

Live / Re-live Surgery 2

Moderators: Dr. S. Chockalingam, Dr. Sunil Gawaskar

Dr. Ram Chidambaram

03.00 – 04.10 pm

Session 4 – Elbow Arthroplasty

Chairpersons: Dr. Ravikumar, Dr. R. Sivakumar and Dr. M. Gulam Mohideen

8 min Elbow Replacement: Evolution and Indications Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar
8 min Is Interposition Arthroplasty still an Option? Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani
8 min Principles of Total Elbow Replacement Dr. Anand Arya
8 min Total Elbow Replacement: Tips for Success Dr. Anand Arya
8 min Elbow Hemiarthroplasty for Fractures: A New Tool? Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min TER for Fractures: Indications and Procedure Dr. Ram Chidambaram
8 min RRevision TER – Plan and Strategy Dr. Mark Simon Falworth
14 min Discussion
04.10 – 04.25 pm Tea Break

04.25 – 06.00 pm

Session 5 – Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Ram Chidambaram


Dr. Mark Simon Falworth

Dr. Peter Brownson

Dr. Vijay Bhalaik

Dr. Anil K Bhat

Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani

Dr. Anand Arya

Dr. Abhijeet L Wahegaonkar

Dr. Joideep Phadnis

Dr. G. Francis

06.00 pm Closure
DAY 2 – 13th March 2019, Wednesday
08.00 – 09.00 am

Session 6 – Trauma 2

Chairpersons: Dr. P. V. Jayasankar, Dr. Nalli R Gopinath and Dr. K. Velmurugan

8 min How to Manage Neglected Monteggia Dislocation in an Adult? Dr. Thilak Jepegnanam
8 min How to Not Miss PLRI Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min Distal Biceps Rupture – How I Fix Dr. Vijay Bhalaik
8 min Distal Biceps Rupture – How I do Endoscopic Repair Dr. Deepak Bhatia
8 min Rehab of Injured Elbow – How to Get the Best Outcome Dr. Marcus Bateman
8 min Elbow Arthrodesis – Still Has a Role Dr. Ram Prasad J
12 min Discussion

09.00 – 10.00 am

Session 7 – BESS Guidelines
10 min Elbow Arthroplasty Dr. Peter Brownson
10 min Frozen Shoulder Dr. Vijay Bhalaik
10 min Shoulder Instability Dr. Peter Brownson
10 min Shoulder Arthroplasty Dr. Cormac Kelly
10 min Prosthetic Joint Infection Dr. Mark Simon Falworth
10 min Tennis Elbow – Evidence for Various Treatments Dr. Marcus Bateman
10.00 – 10.30 am

Panel Discussion on BESS Guidelines


Moderator: Dr. Ram Chidambaram


Dr. S. Chockalingam

Dr. K. N. Subramaniam

Dr. Raju Eswaran

Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar

Dr. Raghuveer Reddy

Dr. Deepak Bhatia

Dr. Abheek Kar

10.30 – 10.45 am Tea Break
10.45 – 11.00 am

Oration: ‘It pays to look after the joint of love.’

Moderators: Dr. Col Trevor Nair and Dr. K. Murali

Dr. Anand Arya

11.00 – 12.00 pm

Session 8 – Video Techniques 1

Chairpersons: Dr. C. Sugavanam, Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj and Dr. C. Rex

8 min PRP Injection for Tennis Elbow (Video) Dr. Cormac Kelly
8 min Arthroscopic Tennis Elbow Release (Video) Dr. Gopinathan P
8 min Open Tennis Elbow Release – How to Get it Right (Video) Dr. Pankaj Ahire
8 min Arthroscopic Release of Stiff Elbow (Video) Dr. Raghuveer Reddy
8 min Open Release of Stiff Elbow by Posterior Approach (Video) Dr. Clement Joseph
8 min Radial Head Replacement with LCL Repair (Video) Dr. Abheek Kar
12 min Discussion
12.00 – 01.30 pm

Live / Re-live Surgery 3

Moderators: Dr. C. Vijay Bose and Dr. Mahesh Reddy

Dr. Anand Arya / Dr. Ram Chidambaram
01.30 – 02.00 pm Lunch

02.00 – 02.30 pm

Session 9 – Video Techniques 2

Chairpersons: Dr. Sajid Hussain, Dr. Ramakrishnan Subramani and Dr. Sathish Devadoss

8 min Arthroscopy in Instability (Video) Dr. Joideep Phadnis
8 min Internal Brace Repair of MCL (Video) Dr. Shreyash Gajjar
8 min Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – Release or Reroute? Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani
6 min Discussion
02.30 – 03.30 pm

Live / Re-live Surgery 4

Moderators: Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani and Dr. Mahesh Krishnan

Dr. Ram Chidambaram
03.30 – 03.45 pm Tea Break

03.45 – 06.00 pm

Session 10 – Hands-on Workshop (All Faculty)

Distal Humerus Fracture Fixation

Headless Screw Fixation
Radial Head Replacement
Total Elbow Replacement
06.00 pm Closure

Online Registration Closed


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